About us

At Allure Siberians, we are committed to the idea that Siberian Huskies are able to be show dogs, working dogs, and are equally suitable as a family pet or companion. Everyone is OFA and CERF cleared before breeding.  Because Siberian Huskies are 
working dogs with much natural energy, we believe they are most happy when they are allowed to do their jobs, one of which is running!  Our gang loves running in harness, pulling us around the many wonderful trails available in Virginia. Our dogs enjoy dry 
land racing, dog scooters, and other forms of exercise.  It is a unique experience being able to participate in a sport with your dogs.  Due to their fun loving, friendly natures, they make fantastic family pets. Thus, the multi-purpose dog.

Please call anytime you like to talk or set up a visit as we always enjoy talking to fellow dog lovers!